Computer Medical Word Processing Level 2


Medical Word Processing Level 2

OCR qualifications are widely recognised by employers as the benchmark qualifications in text processing.

The unit structure provides flexibility for delivery, examination and certification. You can opt to achieve single Units, or an Award in Text Processing Skills. The Text Processing suite of qualifications has been designed to assess your ability to apply processing and production skills to produce a variety of routine business documents to meet the requirements of employment.
The Medical Word Processing unit forms part of the Level 2 qualification and can be completed as a standalone unit or instead of the standard Word Processing unit.

The level 2 qualification is suitable for:

• those who have sufficient skill, underpinning knowledge and command of English to carry out the production of business documents without supervision
• those who are already employed in text processing or administrative-related job roles and who wish to further develop their knowledge and expertise in this area, or gain accreditation for existing skills.
It is recommended that you already hold a Level 1 qualification in a text processing subject, or have skills and knowledge to an equivalent level.

The Unit


The Medical Word Processing (Level 2) Unit requires you to produce four documents (eg a notice for display; an article/report; and a letter, which includes stored phrases and copies for routing.) At least one document with information which requires sorting into alphabetical or numerical/chronological order.



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