ECDL Advanced Database Level 3

ECDL Advanced Database

ECDL Advanced Database is an internationally recognised qualification, which presents you with the opportunity to maximise database functions, in order to manage and analyse high volumes of data, thus enabling the production of the quantity and quality of information that businesses today demand. The course programme enables you to use the many advanced tools available in database applications to better manage and organise structured information. 

Successful completion of this module allows users to become more confident, efficient and effective in using database applications, enabling users to retrieve and produce higher quality management information improving productivity.


Prospective candidates should ideally have the ECDL certification and/or previous experience using computers and common software applications. Typically, these would be individuals who use a wide range of advanced functionalities within a database application in a personal or professional context. Database applications are a powerful resource, managing and analysing high volumes of data to produce the quantity and quality of information that businesses today demand. The ECDL Advanced Database certification has been specifically designed to provide candidates with the skills and competences that enable them to use database applications to their full potential.


Completion of this module enables you to:

Understand Key Concepts of Database Development and Usage.

Create a Relational Database using Advanced Table Creation Features and Complex Relationships between Tables.

Design and Use Queries to Create a Table, Update, Delete and Append Data.

Refine Queries using Wildcards, Parameters and Calculations.

Use Controls and Sub-forms to Enhance Forms and Improve Functionality.

Create Report Controls to Perform Calculations.

Create Sub-reports and Enhance Report Presentation.

Enhance Productivity by Working with Macros and Use Linking and Importing Features to Integrate Data.


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