ECDL Advanced Presentation Level 3

ECDL Advanced Presentation

ECDL Advanced Presentation is an internationally recognised qualification, which allows candidates to create effective, high-impact presentations using advanced features, allowing candidates to prove their skills in this area.

Successful completion this module increases candidates confidence, efficiency and effectiveness through the use of advanced presentation features. Candidates are able to plan and design more effective presentations, resulting in a greater impact, and an engaged audience. 


Prospective candidates should ideally have the ECDL certification and/or previous experience using computers and common software applications. Typically, these would be individuals who use a wide range of advanced functionalities within an application in a personal or professional context. Successful presentations require well-developed and high-impact content coupled with sophisticated delivery. Presentation applications are a key tool in this process and are most effective when users have the skills to exploit them fully. The ECDL Advanced Presentation certification enables candidates to develop and demonstrate their ability to use many of the advanced tools available in standard presentation applications, producing professional, high-impact presentations that support effective communication.


Completion of this module enables you to:

Understand Target Audience and Venue Considerations in Presentation Planning.

Create and Modify Templates and Format Slide Backgrounds.

Enhance a Presentation using Built-in Drawing and Image Tools.

Apply Advanced Chart Formatting Features and Create and Edit Diagrams.

Insert Movies and Sound and Apply Built-in Animation Features.

Use Linking, Embedding, Importing and Exporting Features to Integrate Data.

Work with Custom Slide Shows, Apply Slide Show Settings, and Control a Slideshow.


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