Computer ITQ 2009

ITQ 2009 – Level 1

Have you basic computer skills and are looking to boost your IT confidence? Or are you a complete beginner? The ITQ Level 1 Award helps you learn the basics, increase your knowledge and get a recognised qualification.

ITQ 2009 – Level 2

Level 2 allows you to develop your preexisting skills, learn more and challenge yourself on a higher level, all while working towards another recognised qualification.


What is ITQ 2009?

ITQ 2009 is a unique package of “pick and mix” units covering a wide range of IT subjects, providing a one-stop shop for all learners looking to develop, improve or advance their computer skills. You can opt to achieve Single Units, an Award, a Certificate or an Extended Certificate (Level 2), in IT User Skills.

Each unit has a credit value. In Level 1, you need to accumulate 9 credits for an Award, 13 credits for a Certificate. In Level 2, you need to accumulate 10 credits for an Award, 16 credits for a Certificate and 25 credits for an Extended Certificate. 

For the Certificate or Extended Certificate level, the credits must include the mandatory unit.



How will ITQ 2009 Benefit Me?

• Recognised – OCR qualifications are nationally recognised, and you will receive certificates to recognise your achievements along the way.
• Relevant – the learning is tailored to meet your needs by concentrating on the subjects that are relevant to you and to the work environment.
• Individual – you can learn at your own pace and take as long, or a short a time as you need – there are no time constraints and you can choose just one unit, or any combination in any order.
• Progression – OCR qualifications help to enhance your career, assist you to get back to work or simply enable you to learn something new.
























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