Careers Support

FRCI’s mission is to make employment accessible to all and continue to invest in new ways to aid local residents back into employment, from our free courses to our Careers Support Network.

So what is the careers support network?

The careers support network is a support mechanism for FRCI participants to achieve our vision of making employment opportunities accessible to all. This can be achieved by providing support to identify applications, prepare materials to complete application,  application processes and prepare for interview scenarios.

For Employers

FRCI understand it can be difficult and costly advertising your positions to try an attract the right people to your business. Take advantage of our free service and submit your jobs to our website, our clients and many other people regularly visit this area of the site.

For Job Seekers

Have you ever got frustrated with seeking jobs? Having to check multiple different sources on a regular basis? Well fear not, FRCI have provided you with a hub that we are continually improving and adding new jobs every week.

Find A Job

New jobs are added on a weekly basis so remember to keep checking back here to see what opportunities are available.

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Submit Your CV

Submit your CV and we will search for jobs that match your job criteria.

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