Learn My Way

Digital Skills are essential in all aspects of work, build your skills set with Make it Click courses

FRCI have partnered up with Learn My Way, delivering a variety of free online Make it Click courses, improving your preexisting skills set, teaching you about new apps, and helping you take a positive step towards your future. 


Social Media

The social media courses on offer teach you the basics for three of the most dominant social media platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn how to use content creation tools such as Canva and Pablo. Build your online presence. Learn how to behave online. Get your social media accounts noticed. Create your own website.


Work from Home

The Work from Home package makes remote working easier offering training in Microsoft teams, Zoom and Google Meet, bringing communication channels to the next level. Learn how to use your mobile phone to your advantage, explore project management apps, discover the most useful online office tools and get the best tips on how to successfully work from home.



Email is a basic skill requirement in most workplaces. With our Make it Click courses, start by learning the basics, such as how set up your own email and use basic emailing tools. Steadily move towards more advanced features such as formatting messages and attaching files.



Learning how to affectively use Microsoft Word and Google Docs is an essential skill in the workplace, in particular for CV creation. Learn how to add, crop and resize images, format text, copy and paste and much more. Google Docs also allows you to work with others in a collaborative environment. This course is beneficial for improving your writing and advancing your preexisting skills set.



Excel Spreadsheets are a requirement in many workplaces. With Make it Click, learn how spreadsheets work, convert Excel Spreadsheets to Google Sheets, learn about formulas, keyboard shortcuts, create pivot tables, develop a budget and secure your work to Microsoft Office Files. 



Start by learning how to create basic presentations, then learn how to add imagery and animations to help your presentation stand out. Get tips on how to perfect your public speaking ability and how to host an engaging webinar. 



Create a CV. Prepare for Interviews. Practice Public Speaking. Learn how to use Office programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Docs. Effectively present yourself online. 


Online Security

Stay safe online, learn how to identify and avoid online scams, protect your computer and documents, create strong passwords, keep apps up to date. Educate yourself on the importance of online security. 



Make photography easy. Learn how to optimise your mobile phone camera and use easy editing tools such as Canva and GIMP to make your imagery look professional.



Organise your time efficiently by learning the basics of the calendar app. Manage your meetings and appointments effectively, while learning how to share your events and schedule with friends and colleagues. 


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