IT for Beginners

A series of practical workshops designed to help boost the confidence of those with no or little digital skills to take the first steps of going online and to produce short douments and deal with email in a safe way.

Do you feel left behind when it comes to your digital skills?  Going online can feel scary at first or perhaps you feel you are missing out and can be making better use of the internet and common IT software such as email and word processing?
There are many benefits to getting to grips with the internet and technology that helps you get online.  Keeping in touch with people, search and apply for work, enrich your life with hobbies and interests, fill in forms, sort out the weekly shopping, find online bargains or research products beforehand, learn a new skill, stay healthy and manage your money.
We can help support you to take the first steps without having to worry initially about achieving a qualification. 
We start with you and what you want to achieve.  If you have something specific you want to achieve, let us know and we will try to advise you.
We generally offer:

Word processing

Typing in text is the basis of going online and using email.  Being able to produce short and accurate documents will boost your confidence massively.
  • Enter and combine text with other information.
  • Familiarisation with the keyboard and using a mouse.
  • Use editing tools such as select, copy, cut and paste; undo, redo; drag and drop, replace and delete.
  • Improve presentation by formatting text:  font style, size, colour, bold, italic, underline, alignment
  • Insert images, resize and set wrapping.
  • Insert tables.
  • Use spell and grammar check.

Files and Folders

  • Learn to use File explorer to access storage of documents and downloads
  • Creating and naming files and folders
  • Deleting, copying and moving files and folders


  • Access specified web page(s), navigate using hyperlinks and menus
  • Store frequently used web pages using favourites or bookmarks
  • Use search engines and search within specific websites such as for online shopping
  • Fill in online forms
  • Print selected web pages
  • Broaden your knowledge of where to find information for what you are interested in including finding jobs online, improving your health and wellbeing, entertainment, education and training, shopping, hobbies and interests, managing money and public services online.


  • Compose and send emails, reply and forward on emails; delete emails
  • Send emails to multiple recipients including use of carbon copy and blind carbon copy
  • Follow rules of email netiquette
  • Save and send attachments
  • Print emails and attachments
  • Set up and use email address contacts

Safety online

  • Keeping personal information secure.
  • Internet safety: Scams, phishing and viruses
  • Making and remembering a good password

Online learning

Get to grips with Learn My Way to help you gain further skills and become online savvy.

Optional extras:

Video Conferencing

  • Join an online video meeting using Teams (similar to Zoom or Google Meet)
  • Participate in a video meeting
  • Set up and share a video meeting



  • Use a spreadsheet to set up a home budget
If you have bought a new device such as a laptop, smart phone or tablet and would like to make better use of it then contact us and discuss ways in which we can help you get started.

When is the course on?

Contact us to discuss what will work with your schedule.  Small classes run according to demand.

If you run a community group and feel that this training would benefit your group, contact us to design a short program of workshops to suit your needs.

How long does the course take?

As a guide you will need to devote at least 3 to 4 sessions of about 3 hours to touch on the basics.  Having access to a computer or mobile device at home or in a local library will help you practice more to reinforce what you learn during the sessions.


The cost is £60. 


Fluency in English.  It is assumed that you are starting with little or no IT experience.

Any Questions?

If you have any queries about this information contact us as listed below.
Or alternatively call into our office, open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

If you wish to enrol, please click here or contact us on 028 6632 6478

Please Note: We can only accept cash or cheque payments

FRCI will always endeavour to work with you to come up with a flexible payment option:



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