Interview Services

FRCI's mission is to support and encourage people to reach their full potential through training and development. In order to help make employment accessible to all, FRCI offer a range of services to improve your interview success rate. Staff at FRCI offer a range of interview services, that can be specifically tailored to your individual needs, helping you prepare for that all-important job interview. Staff at FRCI will work with you to boost your confidence, overcome your weaknesses and prepare you for all interview scenarios. 
Interviews can make individuals feel anxious or worried for a number of different reasons - individuals may feel too old or young, under qualified or over qualified, they may be returning to work after some time off. Individuals may be faced with panel interviews, assessment centres, behavioural interviews or practical challenges. FRCI conduct mock interviews, and provide individuals with interview techniques, ensuring they are fully prepared for further interviews. 

Services Offered

Mock Interview Module

Participation in the mock interview module helps individuals prepare for their future job interviews. Staff at FRCI will conduct a real interview, asking a series of probing interview questions. After the mock interview, FRCI staff will provide the participant with feedback on their performance and give advice on ways to improve their performance in future interviews.
Participation in this module costs £50, with the mock interview lasting approximately one hour, including feedback. The mock interview can take place in a number of ways: in the FRCI premises, through the telephone or over the internet. After the mock interview your consultant will prepare a brief report for you to highlight any areas that they feel are relevant, including additional tips on how you can improve your performance and increase your chances of securing a new job.

Interview Techniques

This service can be ordered in addition to, or instead of the Mock Interview Module. The Interview Techniques Service starts at £30 and it will equip you to succeed in your job interview. Your consultant will work with you to improve your interview performance and define your interview strategy to enable you to play to your strengths and counteract any weaknesses. Staff at FRCI can help you prepare for any difficult interview questions that concern you and help you formulate specific answers to these questions.
The Interview Techniques Service will last approximately one hour, including feedback and can take place in a number of ways, in the FRCI premises, through the telephone or over the internet. Please Note that the Interview Techniques Service doesn’t include a full mock interview – if this is what you want please see our Mock Interview Module above.