Company Profile

Fermanagh Rural Community Initiative aims to support and encourage people to reach their full potential through training and development. Established in 1992, the company aims to make employment accessible to all.

The Directors, Managers and all employees at FRCI are highly motivated, fully trained and competent to carry out all the tasks assigned to them. Specialising in training, FRCI will help individuals gain new qualifications, update and develop their preexisting skills, reenter the workforce and build their confidence. 

FRCI is a customer focused organisation, dedicated to a process of continual improvement, and will endeavour to grow by providing the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

FRCI have five core values: Quality, Flexibility, Experience, Mentoring and Knowledge. All staff at FRCI pride ourselves on maintaining and exceeding these values everyday.


FRCI delivers the highest quality of training to students, ensuring they are well prepared to reenter the workforce. Here at FRCI, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible quality, as customer satisfaction is our top priority.


FRCI has been in operation for over 20 years, all tutors are qualified and have years of experience, ensuring students get the best results. We keep our class sizes small and informal allowing tutors to dedicate more time to each student.


All staff at FRCI are highly qualified and are experts at mentoring students, helping them adjust and settle into their new roles.


FRCI offer a wide range of courses and services, tailored to each individual student. Our staff and tutors are flexible, allowing FRCI to cater for all circumstances, ensuring that employment is accessible to all.


All staff and tutors are highly qualified, with a vast knowledge of all courses on offer by FRCI, providing students with the best training possible.

Managers Greeting

Within the current employment sector and the economic downturn you may find yourself made redundant.

Retraining and re-employment will now take a very important role in your life and FRCI can assist you in all the ways you will need. Give us a call now on 028 6632 6478 and see how we can help you back into employment.

Ciaran Rooney