Computerised Bookkeeping

The ability to manage finances is a critical skill for everyone.

For Business

Bookkeeping is essential to keep control over your company finances, lack of financial control due to inadequate bookkeeping leads to the failure of many businesses.

For many new companies the mundane clerical side of keeping books is the last thing on their minds but it cannot be neglected. Failure to keep financial records results in many problems for a company, including difficulty obtaining business loans from a bank.

FRCI helps your staff develop the required skills set, through our range of accounts & bookkeeping courses. 

For Individuals

Budgeting is an essential skill for all individuals, particularly in today's trying economic times. Attaining bookkeeping and accounting skills makes managing your and your family's finances a lot easier.

If you are just looking for something new to put on your CV, accounting skills will always be beneficial when looking for a new job.



The Courses


Level 1 Computerised Bookkeeping Courses

Level 1 courses cover the topics and skills used daily within a Bookkeeping role. Level 1 Computerised Bookkeeping is the perfect course for beginners.

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Level 2 Computerised Bookkeeping Courses

Level 2 courses cover the topics and skills used daily within a Bookkeeping role. Continue your studies and take your skills set to the next level.

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Level 3 Computerised Bookkeeping Courses

Level 3 Computerised Bookkeeping equips you to work in a computerised bookkeeping role.

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