Childcare Courses are run and operated in partnership with Right Choice Training in Omagh.

For Business

When running a childcare related business, it is vital that all staff members are suitably qualified. FRCI offers courses for all childcare staff, including managers, to ensure all qualifications are up to date and relevant. 

Up to date qualifications are a legal requirement, they ensure day to day activities run smoothly as all staff are capable of handling any issues or problems that may arise. 


For Individuals

Partaking in childcare courses can help strengthen your skills. The better educated you are about the childcare industry, the more effective you'll be as a childcare professional. The knowledge you gain from training can teach you how to deal with difficult children, communicate effectively with parents, prevent burnout, handle difficult co-workers and parents. 

Participating in childcare courses can offer fresh activity ideas, making the same thing over and over again can get boring. The beauty of the childcare profession is, that there is always someone thinking of new creative way to engage with children. New activities help with a Childs literacy and language development, as well as finding new ways to teach more complex subjects such as science or math, to your children. 

Sharing your triumphs and struggles with like-minded others can serve as a source of support for caregivers. When you brag about finally getting a difficult child to sit down at circle time, most people will think, “so what.” However, when you share this victory with another childcare professional, they’ll cheer you on, and probably ask you for a few pointers. You get the chance to get out and meet others. Courses can be especially beneficial if you are a home childcare provider. Let’s face it. Being stuck in the house with a bunch of kids all day is isolating. Attending a course can give you the chance to mingle and build lasting friendships.

The Courses


Child Care Level 3

Diploma for Children's Care, Learning and Development

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Child Care Level 5

Diploma in Leadership for Children's Care, Learning and Development

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