CV Services

FRCI's mission is to support and encourage people to reach their full potential through training and development. In order to help make employment accessible to all, FRCI offer a range of CV services, including cover letters, advert response letters, CV distribution, completion of application forms, CV distribution. FRCI has been providing individuals across the county with a leading CV service for years. Competitive pricing, with fees starting at £40, makes FRCI's CV services extremely attractive to individuals. The staff at FRCI are trained to help you develop a cleverly written and powerfully presented CV, helping you showcase your talents to potential employers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, meaning we will continuously revise and edit your CV until you are fully satisfied. 
Employers are often faced with hundreds of CV's and job applications, therefore it is essential that applicants know exactly what to put into their CV's. Staff at FRCI provide individuals with in-depth professional experience and expertise, helping them stand out and create a high quality CV. Individuals will learn how to tailor their CV's to suit specific jobs, what not to put into their CV and how to showcase their skills and achievements through their CV. 



If you wish to order a CV, or any of our other CV services, please contact us on 028 6632 6478.

Alternatively, if you seek more information on costs, or have any further questions, please contact us on 028 6632 6478.