Company History

Fermanagh Rural Community Initiative was established in 1992 with the charitable objective of providing for the benefit of the inhabitants of County Fermanagh in an effort to alleviate poverty.

The composition of the Management Committee reflects the social and cultural composition of the area with representation drawn from local government, church leaders, industry and commerce and the voluntary sector. Premises were secured at 8b Queen Elizabeth Road, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh but with the growth of delivery service the company secured new premises on Tempo Road, Enniskillen in 2004.
In 1995 Fermanagh Rural Community Initiative were awarded a contract by the Training & Employment Agency to manage and deliver the pilot Community Work Project. This was initially a three-year contract to deliver the programmes to 250 participants who had been unemployed a minimum of 12 months. Recruitment ceased indefinitely in March 2007. The contract was renewed in 1998 for 1 year with some amendments. The Community Work Project Enterprise Scheme was introduced and the seal on recruitment remained. CWP has been officially terminated with the programme completed on 31st March 2001.
In 1998 FRCI joined with a number of interested parties to form a consortium for the delivery of New Deal programme in Co. Fermanagh. To date 150 people have availed of New Deal opportunities offered by FRCI. Options offered are Full Time Education and Training, Voluntary Sector Option and Environment Task Force for 18-24’s; Education and Training Option and Intense Activity Period for 25+. A waged option is also available for 18-24. They also successfully tendered to deliver elements of the Gateway Process.
In 1999 FRCI were awarded a contract for the delivery of the Worktract programme. This programme commenced in August 1999 and has a maximum of 51 places in a sic month period. To date 150 people have joined the Worktract programme. 47% of people who have completed the programme moved into employment.
FRCI currently act as a service provider for South West College and also secured funding from DEL through the European Social Fund. FRCI have also started delivering course for the private sector.
FRCI is committed to addressing the issue of long term unemployment and to develop a well trained and motivated workforce with a strong ethic. The training content of our programmes is of the highest quality and focused on transferable skills and labour markets. This is underpinned by monitoring supervision/mentoring and supported by an exit strategy designed to maximise the positive outcomes of the programmes.
In its endeavours to ensure the highest quality of programme delivery, FRCI has developed successful and excellent working relationships with community groups and training organisations throughout the county. FRCI strive to maintain a culture of continued improvement and to achieve this have implemented two quality standards, Investor’s in People and ISO.

Why Choose Us

FRCI have five core values: Quality, Flexibility, Experience, Mentoring and Knowledge. All staff at FRCI pride ourselves on maintaining and exceeding these values everyday.


FRCI delivers the highest quality of training to students, ensuring they are well prepared to reenter the workforce. Here at FRCI, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible quality, as customer satisfaction is our top priority.


FRCI has been in operation for over 20 years, all tutors are qualified and have years of experience, ensuring students get the best results. We keep our class sizes small and informal allowing tutors to dedicate more time to each student.


All staff at FRCI are highly qualified and are experts at mentoring students, helping them adjust and settle into their new roles.


FRCI offer a wide range of courses and services, tailored to each individual student. Our staff and tutors are flexible, allowing FRCI to cater for all circumstances, ensuring that employment is accessible to all.


All staff and tutors are highly qualified, with a vast knowledge of all courses on offer by FRCI, providing students with the best training possible.