Careers Support

FRCI’s mission is to support and encourage people to reach their full potential through training and development, to make employment accessible to all and continue to invest in new ways to help local residents get back into employment, from our free courses to our careers support network.
So what is the careers support network?
The careers support network is a support mechanism for FRCI participants, helping them achieve FRCI's vision of making employment opportunities accessible to all. Staff at FRCI will help participants identify available jobs that fit their desired career. Participants will be shown how to complete job application forms, and learn about the application process. FRCI will also prepare participants for interviews, teaching them interview skills and conducting mock interviews, ensuring each participant is prepared for all interview scenarios.
FRCI aim to provide participants with a hub, that adds weekly job updates, making job search and the application process easier. Check out our Find a Job page, for more information and regular job updates.