Women In Joinery is a course designed for women with little or no prior skills in carpentry. Carpentry can be a tough industry for women enter, as it is often a male dominated environment, that may intimidate many women. The Women in Joinery course run by FRCI aims to empower and engage the women of Fermanagh. We wish to unlock their true potential and develop their skills, helping women become more independent and confident with themselves. Throughout the programme participants will learn a variety of carpentry skills, such as restoring old furniture and creating new pieces from recycled timber.
The course delivered by a trained professional, ensuring participants receive the best training possible. The course typically runs for 8 weeks, with participants completing 2 hours of training, 1 night per week. FRCI have their own workshop located on their premises, therefore all training takes places at FRCI. 
Please Note: There is no exam at the end of your 8 week training. This course does not provide participants with a recognised qualification in carpentry. Women in joinery is designed for the soul purpose of empowering women in the Fermanagh area, helping them build their confidence and become more independent. 
For more information, please contact us on 028 6632 6478.