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Digital Skills are essential in all aspects of work, build your skills set with Make it Click courses



FRCI have recently partnered up with the Good Things Foundation, giving the organisation full access to the Learn My Way platform. Learn My Way is a website which delivers free online courses, helping individuals develop their digital skills. There are over 30 free courses to chose from, helping individuals get back to basics.

The courses are delivered through the Make it Click platform. Make it Click provides students with courses, tools and templates improving their preexisting skills set, educating them about new apps, and helping them take a positive step towards their future. Each course is taught in a different way. Students can enjoy blog posts, videos, courses, templates guides and much more. Make it Click focuses on making learning fun and simple.


The diagram to the left shows the range of courses available through the Make it Click program. Please see the list of courses below, for more information regarding each subject. 

June 2023 - Update:

The Make IT Click programme is now finished but you can still access the beginner online resources for free on the Learn My Way website by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you feel you need help to start your IT journey, look at our IT for Beginners workshops and get in touch.

We have a range of IT courses to suit your level so be sure to look at what's on offer here and check our twitter page for what's coming up soon.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our office on 028 6632 6478.

The Courses


Social Media

A company's online presence is of great importance in today's ever-changing business environment. Individuals need to be confident using social media platforms, in order to ensure the business generates sales and stays relevant. Make it Click offers a range of free online courses, to ensure your companies success.

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Work from Home

Working from home has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. Make it Click offers students a range on free online courses, helping them develop their skill set, teaching them how to successfully work from home. The range of courses on offer introduce students to new apps and platforms, that help make remote working as easy as possible.

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Build a Business

Make it Click is helping small business owners take the first step to making their business an online success. Through the resources offered, small business owners will learn how to start selling their product or service online, how to promote their company using social media, and most importantly how to stay safe while operating online.

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Finding a new job, or changing careers can be a daunting experience. Make it Click helps students through the process, ensuring that they are well prepared and equipped with knowledge about all office programs. This course covers all aspects of job search, from the creation of a CV, to interview preparation, and knowledge of office programs. Make it Click ensures all students are ready for their next job opportunity.

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Make it Click helps individuals get comfortable with using Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Throughout this course students will learn all the basics, including how to format, manage and share documents. Students have the opportunity to progress and learn more advanced features, such as working with images and using document templates.

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Spreadsheets are an essential office tool, ensuring that data is easy to access, organised and logical. This course ensures that individuals are confident using Microsoft Excel and Google Docs. It teaches students basic features, as well as more advanced features, ensuring they are well educated on the subject.

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Presentation skills are essential in the workplace. The Make it Click courses teach students how to create basic presentations. Students then learn how to add imagery and animations helping their presentations stand out. Tips on how to perfect your public speaking ability and how to host an engaging webinar are also provided in this course.

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Emails are one of the main forms of communication between businesses, they are fast, cheap, accessible and easily replicated. Make it Click helps students develop the necessary skillset needed to successfully use emails, ensuring work is completed efficiently and effectively.

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Online Security

Online Security is essential for both individuals and businesses. It is important that all students are aware of how to protect their own personal data, as well as their companies data, while operating online. Make it Click provides students with tips on how to ensure cyber security both at home and in the workplace.

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Calendars are an essential organisational tool, that ensure work is completed efficiently and effectively. Make it Click teaches students the many benefits and features of calendar tools. Students will learn the importance of calendars for management, sharing and planning purposes.

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Eye-catching imagery helps an individual and their business catch their audiences attention and stand out from the crowd. The photo courses provided by Make it Click, teach students how to take high quality images with their phones, by teaching them important photography techniques. Students will then learn how to take their images to the next level by learning how to use a number of photo editing tools.

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