Make it Click helps students learn the basics when it goes to making presentations. Students are then taught how to add imagery and animations, helping their presentation stand out. Once students master creating presentations, they will receive tips on how to improve their public speaking abilities. Students will also learn how to host an engaging webinar. 


Getting Started with Presentations

Students will begin by being introduced to Microsoft PowerPoint, and Google Slides, gaining in-depth training and knowledge about each presentation creating tool. They will then learn how to make, change, save, plan, add colour and print a presentation. The most up to date training is provided for students, to ensure that they go from a PowerPoint beginner to creating professional presentations. Students will also learn how to work on Google Drive files when they are not connected to the internet. 


Working with Slides

The section of the course introduces students to a number of features that will help them make their presentations more visually appealing. Firstly, students will learn about the Slide Master in Microsoft PowerPoint, why it's useful and how they can view, edit and rename it. Next, students will learn how to duplicate their slides, making the creation process much easier and faster. Finally, students will learn how to add headings and subheadings to slides, as well as learning how to choose a layout for each slide, helping the student get their message across to their audience. 


Give better Presentations

Make it Click has provided students with a number of video examples of well structured and delivered presentations. It is important that students structure they presentations well so they resonate with their audience. A five-video course is also provided for students, to help them build their confidence and learn how to speak in public. The course covers body language, verbal tics and delivering professional presentations. Make it Click also provides students with courses based on delivering presentations, webinars and meetings online through video calls, Zoom and YouTube.


Make your Presentation look Good

In order to engage your audience, and deliver a successful presentation, your powerpoint must be visually appealing. Make it Click introduces students to a website called Unsplash, which features a number of professional images that can be downloaded and used in presentations, documents or on social media. Slides Carnival is also recommended, providing a collection of templates helping students create presentations that stand out from the crowd. Make it Click also provide information on what exactly a template is, and how it can work in PowerPoint. 


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