In order to succeed in any job, individuals must know the basic features of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. While other courses provided by Make it Click touch on the basic features of document usage, such as how to format, manage and share documents, this course teaches students about more advanced features, such as working with images and using document templates. 


Getting Started with Documents

The course begins by reinforcing the basics. Students will cover how to create and format a document, and a letter, followed by a short quiz to ensure the student is learning. An introduction to office programs, and a beginners guide to Microsoft Office and the ultimate guide to Google Docs is also provided for students, to ensure their basic skills are up to date. Students will also learn how to work on Google Drive files when they are not connected to the internet. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and other files will sync again as soon as the student is reconnected to the internet.  


Using Documents

Students will learn how to use all features in Microsoft and Google Documents. Videos will be provided, teaching students how to write and format text in Microsoft Word, and also how to insert, resize and crop images in Google Docs. Students will also be shown how to copy and paste information, helping them speed up their writing. How to add images to Microsoft Word, and how to use various heading styles will also be taught to students. Students will also learn how to keep their work secure, by setting up passwords for their Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. 


Improving your Writing & Working with Others

The Plain English Campaign has provided students with advice for clearer writing, from short sentences to using instructions. Students are also introduced to Grammarly, a tool which detects spelling and grammar errors, and makes suggestions that will improve your writing style.  A step-by-step guide for using the chat feature in Google Docs is also provided. This feature can be used to chat with colleagues, discussing what you are working on and received important feedback from co-workers. 


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