Spreadsheets are essential for organising and categorising data into a logical format. Data entered into spreadsheets can be used to help the organisation grow. Make it Click works with students to help them learn how spreadsheets can be used at home and in work. Once students master the basics, they will move on to learning how to use formulas, templates and working on spreadsheets with other people. 


Getting Started with Spreadsheets

Firstly, students will be introduced to what exactly spreadsheets are. This is the perfect introductory course for those who have never used spreadsheets before. Students will be taught how to create both Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets. These beginners courses teach students how to enter text and numbers, record information and create a home budget. Spreadsheets are beneficial at home and in work, as they save time and stop you from making mistakes when doing sums.  Students will be provided with tips on how to make their spreadsheets look good and easy to read. Students will also learn how to work on Google Drive files when they are not connected to the internet. 


Using a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets have a number of features that students will master through this course. Students will learn how to use spreadsheets to help organise group projects, how to use dates and times in spreadsheets, students will be introduced to various formulas, keyboard shortcuts and tricks helping them work faster and save time. Students will also learn how to create both Pivot Tables and Gantt charts in Excel. Finally, students will learn how to convert Excel spreadsheets to Google sheets, ensuring that all students are confident and comfortable using each spreadsheet tool. 


Useful Templates

Make it Click introduces students to a number of free templates that they can use for their own projects, for home or at work. These templates help individuals with budgeting, tracking inventory, managing projects, reporting and analytics. The course also provides an in-depth video, helping students create and maintain a budget, covering the basics, calculations and use of charts. 


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