The correct use of calendars helps students organise their time efficiently. Make it Click teaches students the basic features of the calendar app, giving them the opportunity to share calendars, events and schedules with friends and colleagues, as well as teaching students how to manage meetings and appointments effectively. With the assistance of the calendar app, students will achieve an effective and efficient work life balance. 


Getting started with Calendars

Students are introduced to the main features of Google Calendars, learning how to create events, manage multiple calendars and share calendars and events with others. Make it Click also introduces students to the Microsoft Outlook calendar tool, which allows students to schedule appointments and invite others to meetings. Students are also introduced to the calendar features in Microsoft Teams. Guidelines for using the calendar app on both iPhone's and Android's are also provided. 


Managing your Calendar

Students are educated on the management features of the calendar tool, such as learning how to create appointments and meetings in Microsoft Outlook, how to create an event in Google Calendar and Gmail, how to create a recurring event in Google Calendar and finally, how to attach files to Google Calendar events. Make it Click also provides a range of keyboard shortcuts, which help students perform common tasks quickly.


Sharing Calendars and Planning with Calendars

Make it Click provides students with a guide to attaching documents, spreadsheets or presentations to an event, allowing them to send it to other people. The guide explains how to attach any file to events in Google Calendar, on a computer or a smartphone. Sometimes it is useful to have a hard copy of a calendar, as a result students are taught how to print out a calendar, in day, week, month or custom views. Finally, calendars are extremely useful for social media planning. A social media content calendar helps an individual and their business plan and publish update. Make it Click provides students with tips of how to create a content calendar, as well as useful templates. 


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