Work from Home

The Work from Home package makes working remotely easy. Make it Click introduces students to new online communication platforms, teaches tips and tricks for mobile phone usage, explores project management apps managing and useful office tools, instructs how students can teach and learn at home and ensures that everything is conducted in a safe and secure manner. This package is essential for ensuring the most effective work from home strategies are in place. 



Make it Click introduces new online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. which makes communication between colleagues easy. The communication package helps students get started with platforms such as Google Meet, and teaches them how to join video calls on platforms such as Zoom. Students also learn how to get their teams up and running on Microsoft Teams, encouraging collaborative work between colleagues. Communication is a basic skill, that must be developed in order to achieve success. Make it Click ensures this by providing students with the remote guide to team communication. 


Going Mobile

The going mobile courses teache students the basics, helping them get the most from their mobile phones. Courses are available for both iPhone and Android users, helping them learn how to set up and use personal hotspots on their mobile devices. Students are shown a YouTube video, which teaches them how to use important communication apps, such as Zoom, on their mobile phones. Ensuring that everyone will be available and have access to all scheduled meetings and video calls. 


Managing Projects

Organisation is key within any organisation. Make it Click, introduces students to tools which will help their company successfully collaborate, and manage projects while working from home. Students are introduced to collaborative tools such as Trello, which features boards, lists and cards helping organisations manage and organise projects. Whimsical is another useful tool, allowing individuals to create and work together on flowcharts, sticky notes, wireframes or mind maps. This section also delves further into Microsoft Teams, providing a clear guide on how the Microsoft Teams calendar works, including how to create and share events with others. 


Office Tools

This package provides students with the basic knowledge of Office 365, and the most popular office apps, including Word, PowerPoint ad Excel. Students are taught how Office 365 works, and the benefits of the software are also explained, in reference to working as part of a remote team. An alternative to Office 365 is also explored, Google Docs. Google Docs is an online document app, which allows users to collaborate and share their work in real-time. A complete guide to using Google Docs is provided, including writing, formatting and working on documents with other people. Google Sheets and Google Slides are also explained in this section. Finally, students are taught how to work on Google Docs, Slides and Sheets when they have no access to internet, ensuring that work is always completed. 


Teaching and Learning

Online communication can be difficult, it can be hard to keep peoples attention. Make it Click provides students with all the prep they need to ensure that they are successfully teaching and communicating online. A course on how to teach online is provided, as well as an introduction to Google Classroom, which introduces participants to tools that let them run classes, distribute assignments and give feedback. Participants are also given tips on how to run engaging webinars, how to plan a piece of virtual learning and how to structure presentations to ensure engagement. 


Staying Secure

Make it Click ensures that all students are aware on online safety. Online security training is provided, as well as educating students on how to keep Zoom call videos secure and how to secure Microsoft Office files. 


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