Online Security

The internet has become an essential tool in the day to day runnings of any business. It provides many benefits to a business, including increased productivity and efficiency, however there are dangers associated with operating online. Therefore it is essential that students are aware of how to stay safe online. Through completion of this course, students will learn how to identify and avoid online scams, protect their computer and documents, create strong passwords, keep apps up to date and much more.


Staying Safe Online

This course is designed to ensure that students, and their information is safe online. Students will learn how to look after their devices as well as how to protect their. personal data. Make it Click provides students with the 'Top 10 Tips for Strong Internet Security', covering a range of topics including the use of public WiFi to installing software. Students will also be educated on how to identify online scams, from phone to email scams. Make it Click incorporates practical tasks to ensure that students are learning as they progress through the coursework. 


Using you Computer Safety

Students will receive a guide on how to protect their computers from viruses, malware and hard drive failures, reducing the chance of problems arising with the device. Safety tips are also provided for students when using a public computer, from how they use login information to the data being entered. Students will also be educated on how to create strong and safeguard passwords, how to update windows automatically, how to keep Zoom video calls safe and secure and how to secure Microsoft Office files. 


Online Security for Businesses

Make it Click emphasis the importance of cyber security for business, explaining what can happen if a business is not kept secure online. Simple tip, including updating apps and using strong passwords are also provided to ensure cyber security. It is essential to ensure that a business has a strong security culture, to achieve this all employees must be trained and aware of the importance of cyber security. A work from home course is also provided by Make it Click, to ensure that hardware, software, networks and handling data are secure when employees are required to work remotely. A specific section is also dedicated to the use of smart technology, with '12 tips to help secure your smart home and IoT devices'. 


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