Here at FRCI, we pride ourselves in making employment accessible for everyone. Our mission is to support and encourage people to reach their full potential through training and development. Thanks to Make it Click, we are now able to take our training to the next level, providing more resources, content and courses to help you find a new job, or make a change in your career


CV Creation and Interview Skills

Make it Click, teaches student how to create a CV on Google Docs, helping them create a professional documents that highlights their skills and achievements. Students are also introduced to the range of CV templates available on Microsoft Word. These templates feature a range of styles, tests, colours and graphics which help individuals stand out. The templates are easy to access, download and edit. Students are also given tips on how to be successful in a video job interview. Due to Covid 19, many companies are opting to do interviews through a video call, or over the phone, therefore it is essential that individuals are comfortable speaking on camera. A public speaking course is also on offer, which helps students build their confidence, learn about body language, dealing with verbal tics and delivering professional presentations. 


Office Programs 

Students are also encouraged to develop their skills, in order to obtain the job that they want. The courses introduce you to all office programs, including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. Students will learn how each program can be used both at home, or in work, they will be able to decide which programs are best for them. Students are also provided with a beginners guide to Microsoft Outlook, teaching them all about the programs features, such as how to set up folders for their emails. In order to excel in the workplace, individuals must be comfortable using office programs. 


Present yourself Online

Online behaviour has a direct impact on your career, students will receive advice on topics such as tone, privacy, swearing and showing respect online. Students will also receive guidance on how to set up and use a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is an essential social media platform, that helps individuals develop their career, therefore it is essential that students are aware of the sites features and benefits for their future careers. Finally, students will learn how to optimise the use of their mobile phones, in order to take fantastic photos. Students will also be introduced to Canva, a designing tool that allows you to create unique images for your social media platforms. 


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