Emails are a basic skill requirement in most workplaces. With our Make it Click courses, students will learn all the basics, such as how set up your own email and use basic emailing tools. As students progress through the coursework, they will be introduced to more advanced features such as formatting messages and attaching files. Students will learn how to be safe online, and keep their emails and information secure. 


Email Basics

Students will learn exactly what an email is. They will also be given an introductory guide to different email providers such as Gmail and Outlook. Students will learn how to set up an email account safety, and learn how to send and receive emails. An English course is also provided for those who are learning English. This course is also useful for anyone wishing to improve their email skills as it features explanations, writing techniques and tips on how to organise and check emails. The section also features interactive exercises that help students test their knowledge. 


Using and Managing Emails

This section of the course teaches students how to format emails, making them easier to read. Students are also taught how to create a calendar event in Gmail, and how to manage your emails with Microsoft Outlook, making their inbox organised and easier to manage. Students will also learn how to add an attachment to their emails. Make it Click caters for all, providing a specialised course, teaching students how to send attachments on an iPhone, an iPad and an iPod touch. 


Writing Emails

Students are introduced to Grammarly, a free tool that highlights spelling and grammar errors as you type, while also making suggestions that will improve their writing styles. Make it Click provides students with a guide explaining how to write different elements of emails, including the subject, introduction, body and ending. Common mistakes are also highlighted to ensure that students produce high quality emails. 


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