Social Media

The social media courses on offer teach students the basics, making them experts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The course takes students through the creation process, giving them step by step guidelines on how to set up each social media business account.

The courses develop further, giving students a complete breakdown of how to use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an essential online platform that connects business professionals, focusing on networking and career development. LinkedIn is a useful site, helping individuals find career opportunities and grow their contacts. Make it Click, ensures that you receive the full benefits from your LinkedIn profile. 


Similarly, a guide to Twitter is provided for new users. Students are taught what exactly Twitter is and how it works. Twitter is classed as a relatively informal social media platform, allowing individuals to embrace their personalities and individualism. It is a platform that allows you to express your thoughts and opinions, as well as giving you the opportunity to reach a large number of people quite quickly. 


Content Creation

Make it Click introduces you to two online image editors; Canva and Pablo. Each platform is free and easy to use. Creating content on these platforms, helps your business stand out. Canva and Pablo allow you to create individual, eye catching imagery that is unique to your business. The content creation courses also offer a class based on mastering social media, ensuring you get the most from your online presence. 

The course also introduces students to sites such as WordPress and Weebly, which allow students to create their own websites and blogs. 


Business Promotion

Students learn how to behave online. One wrong move on social media, can have negative effects on yourself and your business. Make it Click helps you determine which social media platform is perfect for you and your business. The courses teach you how to use each social media platform, and how to successfully promote your new business. 

The courses take you a step further, teaching students how to create a social media content calendar and how to build a paid media strategy, two essential skills required to ensure your businesses success online. 



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