Build a Business

The Build a Business courses, help individuals get their small business online. The courses take individuals through every step of setting up a successful business, from building the company online, to setting budgets, useful tools to use and much more. The Make it Click small business hub is backed by the Federation of Small Businesses.


Start a Business

Official government guidelines, in relation to setting up both a self-employed sole trade, and a limited company will be outlined. Following on from this, students will learn how to build their business online. The course will help individuals through the process of setting up an online business. Students will be made aware of various resources and apps available, individual skills and interests will also be explored, in order to determine the type of business that may be created. 


Manage your Finances

Make it Click courses are designed to help students successfully set up their own small business, which cannot be achieved without the correct financial structures. Students are taught how to create and maintain a budget. Upon completion of this section, you will be introduced to resources such as Google Sheets and Excel. Students will be taught how to successfully use each of these resources to create and maintain a budget, as well as helping students understand how to use charts and calculations correctly.


Get your Business Online 

This section of the course teaches students how to create a business profile on Google, allowing the to change how their business appears on Google search and maps. Students are taught how to create a Facebook page for their business, and are shown how to optimise their business' Facebook page settings to ensure visitors engagement. Students are also given a step by step guide, helping them create their own business website. The guide includes research, layout, content, social media reach and design. Students will also receive tips to choosing the business domain name, as well as a beginner's guide to search engine optimisation. 


Promote your Business

Online behaviour has a direct impact on your career, students will received advice on topics such as tone, privacy, swearing and showing others respect online. Students will also be educated on all social media sites, helping them decide which sites best suit the business. In relation to this, Make it Click provides detailed guides for setting up and using both LinkedIn and Instagram, to promote a new business. Students will also learn how to create a social media content calendar and how to build a paid media strategy, in order to enhance the promotion of their business. 


Keep your Business Secure

Make it Click ensure that all students are aware of cyber security, by outlining simple steps that can be taken to ensure safety. Cyber security includes a variety of factors, from creating reliable passwords, to creating a strong security culture within your business. This section also includes keeping your Zoom video calls safe and secure, and teaching students how to ensure their Microsoft Office files are secure. 


Useful Tools

Finally, students are introduced to a variety of resources that makes running their new small business easier. These resources include platforms such as WordPress, Wix and Weebly, which help individuals develop their company website. Students are also educated about apps such as Zoom and Google Meet, which help business conduct video calls and webinars, making working from home easier for all employees. Canva, Trello and Mailchimp are also introduced to students, these resources allow students to create unique imagery for their business, organise and manage projects and well as build an effective mailing list for the company. 


For more information regarding enrolment, please contact us on 028 6632 6478.