Make it Click offer students courses helping them learn photography techniques. Students do not need an expensive, high quality camera, as there are courses focusing on mobile photography. Students have the opportunity to learn how to take, edit, perfect and publish their images. Students are also introduced to photo editor apps such as Canva and GIMP, that can be used to help give their photos a professional finish. 


Taking Photos and Mobile Photography

Make it Click explains how to compose a good photo by using different photography techniques, as well as how to arrange different objects before you take a shot. The aim of this course is to make photography easy by teaching students about composition, exposure, lenses, lighting and techniques. An expensive, high quality camera is not required to ensure high quality photos. Make it Click provides students with tips on how to improve mobile photography skills, as well as a guide on how to take and edit photos on iPhones, iPads and iPods. 


Editing Tools

Students are introduced to editing tools such as Canva: an online image designer and editor, Pixlr X: a free online image editor, Pablo: an image editor for social profiles, Trace: helps remove backgrounds from photos and GIMP: a free image editor helping students crop, resize and retouch photos. Each of these tools will help students make their image unique and appear more professional. 


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