Accounts & Book Keeping


For Business

A good set of “books” is essential to keep control over your company finances. Lack of financial control through inadequate book keeping has been known to cause the failure of many businesses. For many new companies the mundane clerical side of keeping books is the last thing on their minds but it cannot be neglected. By not keeping financial records when you start trading you are certainly asking for trouble in the future. Businesses that do not keep good financial accounts will also find it almost impossible to gain business loans from banks. Let FRCI help you ensure your staff have the required skills, checkout our range of accounts & bookkeeping courses below.

For Individuals

Being able to budget your money has always been an important skill, and none more so than today, in these trying economic times it is vital to understand where your money is going. By attaining bookkeeping and accounting skills it will allow you to more easily manage your finances for you and your family. Looking for something new to put on your CV? Accounting skills will always be a good skill to have when looking for a new job.

For complete beginners with no experience or qualifications in Accounts we recommend the IAB Level 1 Award in Computerised Bookkeeping which is available free on the ASPIRE programmme. We also offer a short non-accredited introduction course. The Level 1 is designed for complete beginners wishing to gain a recognised qualification.


Acts as an introduction to the basics of using commercially available accounting software to set up a computerised accounting system, process business transactions and produce reports.

The qualification has been designed to appeal to individuals within the following groups:

  • Learners starting their studies in the subject of computerised accounting from a point of no previous knowledge or experience.
  • Learners employed at a junior level with some limited basic accounting knowledge and skills who want to formalise their competence by gaining a recognised accredited qualification in computerised bookkeeping.
  • Learners returning to study and/or work after a study or career break.
  • Learners considering a change in career.
  • Learners considering a career as a self-employed practitioner.
  • Owners of small businesses wanting an introduction to the function of computerised accounting so that they can personally keep computerised records for their business.

What you will study:

Introduction to computerised accounting

  • Understand the basics of computerised accounting
  • Understand accounting terms
  • Recognise source documents
  • Understand the basics of the VAT system

Set up a computerised accounting system and process data

  • Set up a computerised accounting system
  • Process credit based transactions
  • Process cash sales and sundry income
  • Process receipts from credit customers
  • Process payments to credit suppliers
  • Process payments through the bank current account
  • Process petty cash transactions
  • Reconcile the balance on the bank current account
  • Generate reports

How is it assessed?

You need to achieve at least 70% in the Online Knowledge Test and the Online Assignment

1 – Online Knowledge Test
Online Knowledge tests are a series of independent short answer questions made up of multiple choice, gap fill, and true or false type questions. They are assessed via IABOnline and are open book. This might be taken in class or at home

1 – Online Assignment
Online Assignments are also assessed via IABOnline and are also open book. These are taken in class or at home and are short case study type questions with several tasks for each case studyreached a recognised, national standard in ICT.  It also demonstrates your ICT skills are up to date with recent Microsoft software.


We will be offering the qualification on Wednesdays 9:00am to 12:00noon from:

  8 Aug 2018 to 12 Sept 2018
11 Oct 2018 to 22 Nov 2018
10 Jan to 14 Feb 2019

You will need to commit to attending all 6 sessions.
Entrance is booked at least 5 weeks in advance to allow access to the practice papers online.

The Courses


Accounts Level 1 Courses

Level 1 courses cover the topics and skills you will be using on a daily basis within a Bookkeeping role, so if you have no experience of bookkeeping it is very important you start at this level.

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Accounts Level 2 Courses

Level 2 courses cover the topics and skills you will be using on a daily basis within a Bookkeeping role, so if you have no experience of bookkeeping it is very important you start at this level.

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