"My name is Conor Owens, I was long-term unemployed and really struggled with getting the opportunity to find employment, which in turn affected my confidence. I have been on various training programmes, when I arrived at FRCI I thought I would never find employment all the knock backs had me on a low. Trying to make myself believe I was good enough was hard. I thought when will I ever get a job?  FRCI advised me to go on their employability program Aspire, which had a placement element within it. When they mentioned I could avail of a placement with the Western Health Care Trust as a porter I thought this was amazing, I was quiet nervous and anxious as I didn’t believe in myself nor did I believe I could do the job. The placement gave me the opportunity to show my worth to a potential employer and looked great on my CV. 

I loved my placement the routine was great, I was a new man, I had a purpose in life.  After I completed my placement I was offered agency work in the trust as a porter, I couldn’t believe my luck. The trust had no current vacancies and I wanted to get off benefits and gain a permanent job.  The agency work was unpredictable, so I started applying for Jobs. To my disbelief I was offered two part time jobs.  One year previous not in a million years would I been offered these posts, but with the help, support and guidance of FRCI and most of all the work experience and training I got the jobs. I now have FRCI to thank for helping me get these jobs.  As Christmas approaches I got another job offer in Tesco (Christmas staff).  I know one thing for sure I will have a good Christmas with family and money in my pocket , unlike my Christmas’s on benefits were I was struggling."

Conor Owens


"I was unemployed, and looking for work. When a friend told me about FRCI and all the training programmes they offer to help you get back to work. I thought yes I will give it a try. I was amazed how much they could do for me and how no task was too big, it was such a relaxed and friendly learning environment.  I completed Manual Handling, Medical Word Processing,  First Aid and SAGE Level 1 Bookkeeping skills. These skills were vital to me in gaining employment.

I have gained a lot from Fermanagh Rural Community Initiative and would not be where I am today without their support, they have gave me confidence and a spring in my step and most of all a future in the working world."
Sandra Mc Gonigle


"Over the last eighteen years I had worked with two large employers in the area. When I became redundant I didn’t know where to turn to, until a friend recommended FRCI. After being redundant it can affect your self-esteem and confidence, FRCI helped me through this and I have met and made lots of new friends through FRCI. Getting back into work can be daunting but the help of Faith and the team made the transition easier. They helped me so much with various training, job applications, and employability training. I had never heard of FRCI before they are a great asset to the community and I would recommend to others. Being unemployed is not the end of the world and having something to go to until you get back into work is great!! I followed a new career path and loving every minute of it FRCI showed me there were other opportunities out there"

Aideen Speer!!

Since writing this Aideen has telephoned us to say she has gained full time employment - Congratulations Aideen from all at FRCI 


After being out of the administration sector for many years, i found that without updating my IT skills i was going to find it hard to compete in the current labour market; i got in contact with FRCI  and they introduced me to the "ASPIRE Programme" , the flexability and the opportunity to gain new qualifications helped me on my road back into employment; thank you again to all at FRCI for the time and effort you afforded me; 

Gladys O'Callaghan - Completed Business Professional; CV Building and Support in completing Applications


Gladys has successfully gained emplyment - Congratulations Gladys from all at FRCI 


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