Good Things Foundation


Good Things Foundation is a social change charity, helping people improve their lives through technology. Thanks to Good Things Foundation, FRCI have access to Learn My Way; a website of free online courses built by Good Things Foundation to help people develop their digital skills. The website contains over 30 free courses, designed to help beginners get started with the online basics. Good Things Foundation and Learn My Way continually develop new content to meet the needs of the learners. Learn my way is free for everyone.

Good Things Foundation has also granted FRCI with access to Make it Click; which offers support for people who are online but only use the internet in a limited way. Thanks to Good Things Foundation, FRCI have been able to support 'limited' users of the internet, specifically through the Devices Dot Now project. Devices Dot Now, allowed FRCI to take the time to teach 'limited' users about useful online resources that will help them retrain, and prepare for reemployment. For more information contact the FRCI office on 028 6632 6478